Thursday, July 29, 2010


This morning, I dropped my kids off at music camp, New Orleans style,  with all the kids wearing shades and dancing to "When the Saints".  I remember why I love this city.  In a world with so many downturns and stories that threaten to sink a heart, it is so good to be in a place where celebrating is part of the culture.  Now I'm home in my comfortable place.  I worked on an instrumental piece, per the advice of my voice teacher who told me to write something different.  It was like gliding in a river of cool spring water.  This time spent creating has help me to center and be ready for the busyness of later in the day.  My daughter ran through the house with her balloons and then sat in my lap as I caught up on email.  Why is it that these moments we are living seem to fly away, always seemingly one step in front of us, like a fairy twinkling in the dark trees at night?  For a few moments at least, I was able to treasure my little one's pudgy, granola bar encrusted face, feel her dimply skin that still has a bit of baby soft left in it, and snugly fit her compact toddler shape into my lap, something I can no longer do with my gangly 10 year old.  For a brief spell, I found a respite in motherhood instead of looking for a respite from it. 

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