Monday, June 28, 2010

CD Update

Theoretically I knew that a lot went into making a CD.  I knew that it started with a song and that hopefully someone out there would hear the song within the song (or that one could pay someone to hear the song within the song), that embellishments would be added, that hours of practice and multiple takes would be necessary, that it would really amount to a whole lot of work.  Now that work has begun in earnest, and I'm getting close to having this, for lack of a better work, this, product that I want to distribute.  That is so weird for me.  I'm the least likely person in the world  to try to sell, and now I'm going to have 2,500 full length C.D.'s and 1,000  5 song C.D.'s going to "market". It makes me feel uncomfortable on multiple levels, but I'm learning that being uncomfortable isn't always a sign that one needs to change course.  So I now have "product", and I'm working on artwork, production credits and getting an audience to listen.  BUT even if I don't, even if I end up with an attic full of C.D.'s 10 years from now, I will not have considered this process a failure.  Far from it. How could something that encourages personal growth as an artist be considered a success or failure based upon it's market value?   Call it what you want, but it feels good! 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blogging about my blog and the beauty

As I have already been razzed about my last failed attempt at blogging, I figured I'd better "get on the blog" (I hope this feeble attempt at humor is punishment enough for your lack of faith in my faithfulness) You know who you are.

I had envisioned this as some sort of deeply artistic and philosophical platform where our minds can meet in cyberspace. However, as mentioned in my "breakout" blog I usually do this around the other duties of wiving, and mothering and friending. (and I mean that in positive connotation. Duty is not a four letter word. O.K. so it is a four letter word, but you know what I mean). In addition, if you want to go really deep, call my husband. Deep is his speciality.

Music, however, now that I would love to talk about all day long. Music and beauty particularly catch my fancy. Music embodies for me a sort of artistic creed about beauty. I was talking with my friend, John, the other day who is reading John Eldridge. Whether you like Mr. Eldridge or not is irrelevant. Just don't come 'round here if you don't. kidding! In the book, the author John, was talking about how after the death of his friend, Brent, nothing helped assuage the empty ache left behind after his friend died. Nothing helped--not church, not words of comfort from friends. Nothing. Nothing except sitting in his wife Stasi's flower garden. Something like that happened to me recently. I got to sit in a garden in Tennessee at the Art House after making my C.D. And this garden helped to heal something in me that was broken. Or rather it stood in graceful opposition to it. I have been railing questions about evil in the world and in my life for over a decade now. This garden didn't offer a single counterargument to my accusations. It did not shout back or quote me a scripture. It just sat there and stared at me with it's delicate flowery eyes...and slayed me. By it's essence, it' very nature, it pierced my armor and where it pierced, the tears flowed.

This is what beauty does. And it's so underrated, or worse, it is assaulted and twisted, but true beauty longs to be admired and in the admiring it offer us something better than ambitious ambitions and demanding demands. Beauty bypasses something in our defenses and disarms us. It takes the issues to an entirely new level, and says, "I'm not playing your A-B-C logic game. I'm going to hit you over the heart with poppies and queen anne's lace. And I'm going to follow it up with a roundhouse kick of your baby working her rose-bud lips around her thumb in her sleep, and to finish you off, I'm going to infiltrate your psyche with sunsets and dew glistening on the grass as you leave for work in the morning. Take that!" And beauty wins again.

I'm really glad it wins again. If I can write just one song that does to me or someone else what the beauty does for me... oh if!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New CD

So I have a new CD coming out. I say that like I have a bunch of CD's already out, and this is just the newest in a long line of well-known albums. Truth is this is my first CD, and I'm pretty excited about it. I'm a late bloomer when it comes to the music scene. I spend most of my time on household tasks, laundry, dishes, diapers, or ferrying energetic children around in our Dodge Grand Caravan. In moments that I carve out, I process my 1/6.5 billionth of existence through song. I throw cheerios at my youngest daughter to keep her occupied, and I write music in my front foyer on a piano that is about the same age as me.

Why to I write music? When I figure that out, maybe I'll be able to do a better job at it, or who knows even quit and do something more practical with my time. The point of this particular post is not to delve into the nuances of my musical psyche. The point is that I do get a real kick out of fiddling with the fundamental elements of song, and I am blessed with a husband who supports this little quirk of mine, to the tune of sending me to Nashville last month to make a CD with an incredible producer. In music speak I actually recorded an EP ( 5 songs) because it seemed more suited to my artistic sensibilities, and it was, well, cheaper. I literally had the time of my life. After my wedding day, the birth of each of my children, and a couple of nearly spiritual experiences with chocolate, the week I spent in the studio was the most vibrant, beautiful, magical time in my life.

So, I have a new CD coming out, and I thought it would be helpful for me, and perhaps interesting to others to share a little about each cut and the creative process behind it. I'll go through each of the five songs and share the significant moments that led to the creation etc. Hope you enjoy!

Until next time.

By the way, I really don't enjoy writing prose, so if you are in any way inspired, annoyed or moved in any way, PLEASE leave a comment. Positive feedback from reinforcement junkies welcome! Oh and become a follower if you don't mind please...