Monday, June 28, 2010

CD Update

Theoretically I knew that a lot went into making a CD.  I knew that it started with a song and that hopefully someone out there would hear the song within the song (or that one could pay someone to hear the song within the song), that embellishments would be added, that hours of practice and multiple takes would be necessary, that it would really amount to a whole lot of work.  Now that work has begun in earnest, and I'm getting close to having this, for lack of a better work, this, product that I want to distribute.  That is so weird for me.  I'm the least likely person in the world  to try to sell, and now I'm going to have 2,500 full length C.D.'s and 1,000  5 song C.D.'s going to "market". It makes me feel uncomfortable on multiple levels, but I'm learning that being uncomfortable isn't always a sign that one needs to change course.  So I now have "product", and I'm working on artwork, production credits and getting an audience to listen.  BUT even if I don't, even if I end up with an attic full of C.D.'s 10 years from now, I will not have considered this process a failure.  Far from it. How could something that encourages personal growth as an artist be considered a success or failure based upon it's market value?   Call it what you want, but it feels good! 


  1. It's true that being uncomfortable doesn't always mean we're off course, and I'm glad you put it in there. Looking forward to reading more blogs from you, my friend!

  2. I have definitely tended toward the "if God is in it, all the doors will magically swing open" point of view. Several things in my life are changing that slow by slow. 1) exercise camp...ouch 2) voice and piano lesson...oh sweet discipline, thou encompast my soul with painful fruition.

    Still learning...and hoping to be a happy wonderer with you! I tend toward the angst filled, frustrated, why don't I get this kind of wonderer. You need to show me that secret, and PLEASE don't take a picture of my desk, counter, laundry room... etc.!